According to a study conducted by the Harvard medical school, people who included nuts as a part of their daily diets were less susceptible to heart diseases and various chronic diseases. Read about the other effective tips for a healthy heart.

Nuts are indeed full of healthy fibers, vitamins, minerals, unsaturated fatty acids and many other substances which helps in a more efficient functioning of the body processes. Busting the popular myth that they make you gain weight another study saw that individuals who did in fact consume nuts on a regular basis were more likely to maintain a normal BMI than individuals who did not consume nuts.

If you go by these studies nuts are nothing short of superhero of foods as they can literally help you live longer. Since nuts are such powerhouses of health and nutrition another study came with the results that consuming nuts regularly can actually help you live longer.  The study observed a group of individuals who had nuts daily against a group of individuals who did not and they saw that people who belonged to the nut consumption group ended up living longer than the people in the group who did not provided they did not suffer from any other illness.

Such huge analysis on the effect of nuts on the human body are being done so as to get a clear picture on whether having nuts can actually have great benefits for our health in a consistent manner. The results are unanimously showing that they do!

According to these studies, nuts can help us prevent a number of diseases and their symptom when consumed on a regular basis; a concise list of them is given below:

  1. Cardiovascular diseases
  2. Inflammation
  3. Coronary problems
  4. Visceral adiposity
  5. Oxidative stress
  6. Insulin resistance
  7. Hyperglycaemia
  8. Endothelial dysfunction
  9. Diabetes mellitus type 2
  10. Metabolic syndrome
  11. Colon cancer
  12. Hypertension
  13. Gallstone disease
  14. Diverticulitis

Nuts have been seen to aid in losing weight as well due to its property of giving a feeling of satiety upon consumption and you feel fuller for longer periods of time. What was seen as a result of all these scientific studies showing more and more health benefits owing to nut nutrition was an upsurge in the public concern over gaining weight as nuts are generally high in their fat content. Subsequently the study performed to see the effect of nuts on weight gain came out to be somewhat surprising as when two different groups pf people were observed over a period of time, one who were given a regular diet of nuts to those who were not, it was seen that people who had a regular supply of nuts through their diet were more likely to maintain their body mass index than those who did not include nuts in their diet.

So much research in the area of nut nutrition only goes on prove that the biological scientist are being more and more surprised by its effects on the health of people when administered for a respectable period of time.

The faith in the health benefits of nuts is increasing to the rate that now research is going into the field of studying nut allergies and how they can be countered starting from the early years of development in an infant. It seems the result that has been observed till date inclines more towards the ability of an allergic baby to have differing rates of allergic reactions after been given nuts between 4 to 11 nuts in a powdered form to avoid the risk of choking from being cured to very low rate of allergy. In some cases some expecting mothers who had a high risk of having allergic babies were advised to include nuts in their diets so that their babies would have less chances of having the nut allergy.

Clearly when so many great minds are consistently working towards studying the effect of nuts on our health, it shows that nuts are nothing short of amazing when it comes to building our health. Whether it is nuts as a whole or their butters, they will provide you with some great health benefits which you can reap throughout your life. Whether it is maintaining a good internal organ health or giving you glowing exterior skin and hair, nuts can actually give it all!

Some delicious ways of enjoying nuts in your daily diet is given below:

  1. Peanut butter sandwich- has high caloric content, ensure you lead an active lifestyle to enjoy this without gaining weight.
  2. Include in your salad dressing- If you are not big on high caloric foods,  just sprinkle a few nuts on your salad.
  3. A trail mix of nuts- Mix and match different kinds of nuts and other confectionaries in a bowl for an evening snack- again has a high caloric content check the portions in order to keep your weight in check. Read about other kinds of trail mixes.
  4. Roasted and salted- Just roast a few nuts and sprinkle salt to taste to enjoy this anytime munchie.
  5. Sweetened- Just dip your nuts in some molten chocolate (preferably dark) and enjoy the sweet flavourful nothings.
  6. Add to your meals- when you are cooking some dish which can absorb the nuttiness of different nuts just go ahead and add them.
  7. Peanut butter and fruit- Just spread some peanut butter on some fruit like banana or apple and enjoy the goodness of two great foods which together are extremely palatable.

After going through this article, we are sure that you have been favourably pushed towards the side of nuts and are now more than eager to include these delicious gifts of nature to your diet. Just remember when we talk about nuts we mean almonds and most of the tree nuts with exception of cashews and macadamia nuts which contain too much saturated fat to help with these health benefits.