Stories of infertile couples have changed over last onedecade or so. There are more encouraging stories; tales that tell of goodnessof medical advancement more so in IVF -in-vitro fertilization (test tube Baby) treatment.This is a definitely a good news for those seeking infertility treatment.

One such couple who was infertile for more than 9 yearsunderwent an Artificial Reproductive Technology Procedure (IVF/ET) atMothercare Hospital , ART (Test tube baby) Centre  whose Lead consultant is Dr. C. S. Sada

landed up with Triplet pregnancy. This story is of  immense interest because of the course thatfollowed.

When Mrs Pratibha (name changed ) was 22 weeks of pregnancyshe aborted one fetus spontaneously  inspite of cervical encirclage .Most of the time  abortion is complete and woman loses all thefetuses.

Fortunately for this patient she could continue the twinpregnancy till 28 weeks when she had a premature delivery with one babyweighing 770 grams and the other one 1000 grams.These tiny babies were nurturedand cared by Dr Sandeep Kadam, a renown neonatologist at Ratna MemorialHospital,Pune.After hard and testing times for days both the babies are readyto head home. Such incidence  is rarestof rare therefore  worth testifying.

This is one such success stories of healthcare personalsespecially a doctor who strives hard to bring to fruitition.There must bethousands of doctors who toil hard day in and day out to make sure their  patients can recover and go home to tell thesuccess stories to others who may have lost HOPE.

The medical healthcare system has the credit to the moderncutting edge technology yet one must understand the limitations of this modernsystem. Every patient is precious and every health care personal does their bestyet chances are that some may fail to benefit but the percentage of suchincidence is meagre.

So, is this story of triplet. It  had a difficult and hopeless course, at everystage one would have given up but the treating doctors  left no stones unturned and were pumped inlife,  finally going home hail andhearty.

Thanks to the improving standards of healthcare industry andthe unselfish service of medical fraternity.

Writer: Dr C S Sada, Consulting IVF Specialist

Mothercare Hospital ,IVF centre

Mantri Co op.HSg Society,Salisbury Park

Pune 411037

Mob: 9822815051