As the common nation goes about our country, if there is any one place that knows how to party then that is India. It is not only the terrain and traditions that are jam-packed in India, but also a calendar rich in diverse celebrations of festivals. Diwali, the Festival of Lights is celebrated grandly everywhere in India. The multi-cultural country has numerous legends associated with it. Every region of the country has unique ways to celebrate the festival. Add some more happiness with unique ways in which Diwali is celebrated across India:


Whether it’s your favorite snacks or sweets or a favorite style dessert, lunch & dinner moderation is the key. Never stuff your stomach, always keep a little space. 


Don’t break your exercise schedule. Continue your exercise routine even if you have to change the timings. To burn away all those extra calories you are eating, your body needs to do exercise.


Avoid late night’s schedules. The aim is makes you healthy, wealthy & wise, happens only when early to bed and early to rise. Disturbing the biological clock adversely affects your digestion & metabolism process to in turn your health. Studies also suggest that less sleep i.e. less than 7-8 hours a day leads to weight gain.

‘’TO EAT IS A NECESSITY BUT TO EAT INTELLIGENTLY IS AN ART.’’ Is rightly stated by La Rochefoucauld. 

Here will also give you some Diwali pickup lines on diet: 

1)      Eat less from a box & more from the earth.

2)      Don’t eat to make someone else happy.

3)      Less on the tongue = less on the hips or belly!!

4)      Never reward yourself with foods..anywhere, anytime!

5)      Find a partner don’t do it alone.

Stay smart, healthy & enjoy your Diwali festival with happiness

Happy Diwali to all!