Most of us live in a world, where we are eating more food than we actually need for existence. Our portions are distorted and we are eating much more than we were previously. That's why we are facing increasing problems of weight management, obesity and other lifestyle disorders, and thus an increasing need for weight management plans.

Can we train our brain to respond to the feeling of fullness by simple tricks? Is there a way our bodies be satisfied with less food? The answer is yes. Training the brain requires some effort & discipline to cultivate a habit of eating less, but there are tricks to slowly train your brain and your stomach to be satisfied eating less food. Let’s have a look how:

Buy smaller plates: Your mind is conditioned to expect a plate full of food. So buy smaller plates and fill them with food, and you'll be reducing the calories you eat.

Go individual: Buy a one-person pack and not a family size one. If you buy the bigger ones, you'll naturally eat more

Eat slowly: this gives your brain and stomach time to recognise when you are full. Chew each mouthful 20 times. Put your cutlery down while you chew and then pick it up again for the next bite.

Drink water before meals: 20 minutes or so before you eat, drink a pint of water, as cold as possible. This kick-starts your metabolism to put you straight into weight loss mode, and makes you feel full as your body will be absorbing the water.

Satisfying foods:  Higher the fibre content, protein, and water content of a food, the more likely it is to be satisfying in your stomach. Avoid processed food such as potato chips, candy bars, and white bread.

Consume foods with a ‘low glycemic index’: A high glycemic index food will cause a sudden change in blood sugar level. A ‘Low glycemic index’ food causes the blood sugar level to rise in a controlled fashion, providing a consistent source of energy for a long period. This method helps control food cravings, resulting in decreased appetite.

Eating small frequent meals: The idea of slower energy release remains the same. One large meal quickly rises the energy level, which is trailed by a steeper drop soon enough, resulting in feeling more hungry. This can result in ‘eating between the meals’. However, small meals on contrary will result in a slow release of energy and a controlled one as well. Resulting in reducing ‘eating between meals’, and cravings for food.

Apply these simple tricks to slowly condition your brain. Once you have the capacity to control your mind there is nothing on this earth you can’t achieve.