DO’s -

Do See a Doctor: Consumers who have questions about hair loss should seek the advice of a dermatologist. 

Do Get the Right Nutrition: Good nutrition is a key part of healthy hair. Hair is made of protein, so it's important to ensure an adequate supply of protein to maintain healthy follicles. Further, Drink 7 - 8 glasses of water every day.

Cleansing your hair: Use a good shampoo once or twice a week. The choice of shampoo depends on the hair type. Your doctor will suggest which suits the best on you. Also, your hair-type will determine your cleansing routine. A general rule is for oily hair you should wash hair every other day & for dry hair 2-3 times a week. Massage your scalp with your fingertips (not your nails) daily to stimulate and promote circulation to your scalp.

Keep tension at bay: Lastly, Psychological stress and anxiety lead to hair loss, so keeping them at bay is very important.

DON’Ts- Don’t involve yourself in those commercialized products. 

Don’t wait for too long: The later you start treating the baldness, the less successful your treatment will be. Do not let your follicles die. 

Don’t start your treatment with unproven remedies: you are wasting your valuable time and money. Start with clinically proven medicinal treatments prescribed by your doctor. Don’t be too scared of using medicinal treatments

Don’t try to speed up the process by overdosing or using multiple treatments at the same time: Be consistent and patient. You will not see any positive results earlier than two-four months after starting a new treatment.

Don't use hot water when shampooing or rinsing your hair.

Don’t brush on wet hair: Hair is weakest when it is wet and brushing can easily damage it while brushing or combing when they are dry.  

Don’t comb vigorously and avoid excessive shampooing, drying, or brushing: This may lead to physical trauma to the hair shaft.