Here are top 3 sex-related myths that you need to stop believing:

Myth 1: To satisfy a woman, the man needs a long, thick and straight penis

Each penis is different. A long and thick penis is not required for the pleasure of the self or of the women. Penis is never straight like the railway signal. In some, it has a shape of a banana. Vagina accommodates any shape of penis. Since the length of the vagina is 3.5 inches and only outer one inch is sensitive to touch, any erect penis over 1 inch in length is sufficient.

Myth 2: Semen is a precious fluid

No. Semen is like any other secretion to be thrown out of the body. Semen is a mixture of secretion from prostate, seminal vesicles and, bulbo-urethral glands plus sperms. Semen provides nutrition, helps motility and acts as a vehicle for the transport of sperms. 

Myth 3: Losing Semen in sleep or passing it in urine is a disease

Passing semen (Dhaat) in sleep is known as wet dreams or nocturnal emission. This is a normal event and a sign of puberty, the beginning of adolescence. It also proves that the reproductive system has started functioning. When the reproductive glands are full with secretions and the person gets a sensuous dream, like escape of steam from the cooker, he ejaculates in sleep. This does not cause weakness or loss of vitality. 

The Sphincter of urinary bladder closes during ejaculation. Therefore, semen cannot be mixed with urine. If prostatic secretion accumulates in the urethra at night, the individual will see milky white secretion of prostate while passing urine next morning. This is physiological. Passing phosphates in the urine is sometimes mistaken for semen.