It’s your wedding day and so many things have already occupied your mind. Stress, anxiety, shopping, preparation and a sense of responsibility towards guests and many thoughts, “Am I putting on weight “ or  “Would I really get the wedding glow on that special day?”.

All these thoughts actually convert into stress which ultimately drains out your confidence, impacting the health adversely. And you look dull during your wedding day. Thankfully our food is comprised of all the essential elements that you require to look your absolute best not just on your wedding but your whole life.

Here are top 3 foods that you can easily find in your kitchen and must have all the time, especially three months before your wedding day, to get their full benefits.

1.Curd and chaas

You should set curd at home only. Try not to go for low fat yogurt because beauty lies in the healthy fat that curd provides.

- It is the easiest way to provide friendly bacteria to your gut. It not only reduces bloating but also gives a flat look to your tummy

- A good source of calcium which is an add-on for strong bone density.

Tip: have at least few teaspoons of curd or a glass of chaas before you go for long shopping or parties.  

2Shudh Desi Ghee

You should be consuming desi ghee on daily basis because:

- It increases flavour and satiety, also controls the portions of every meal and calories consumed.

- Ghee contains essential fatty acids which eases digestion and is beneficial for those who struggle with dry skin.

- Including some portion of ghee in diet gives a glowy skin due to the presence of Vitamin E.

Tip: You can have at least 3 teaspoon of desi ghee, preferably with the meals

3. An Apple A day

- It contains high antioxidant which prevents cell tissue damage and protects you from aging.

- It keeps bowel system clean and also reduces scars, lines and wrinkles from your skin.

- This is a very good hydrating, fiber rich fruit which will not only help you to fight with diseases but also make your skin glowy.

Tip: have at least 1 apple in the morning

Wish you a long healthy life and a wonderful partnership with Mr. Right