Minimize Hair Loss

1. You can control hair fall by minimizing the use of styling products.

2. Excessive use of chemicals damages your hair pretty quickly and this leads to hair fall. So, avoiding this would be better to control your hair fall.

3. Too much shampooing should be stopped to control the hair fall.

4. Brushing your hair when it’s wet results in hair fall. You need to change the habit of brushing your hair when it’s dry.

5. Some diseases and deficiency diseases like thyroid and vitamins can cause hair fall. Attending to these things at your earliest will control your hair fall.

6. As the saying goes “Eat healthily, stay healthy” perfectly fits to control hair fall. A healthy individual will have low hair fall compared to an individual who lacks protein or iron deficiency in their diet.

7. Eating disorders like Anorexia (an emotional condition to lose weight and refusing to eat) is one of the major causes of hair fall. Nutrition deficiency simply leads to hair fall and this can be controlled by healthy eating habits.

8. Another eating disorder is known as Bulimia, also causes hair to fall. Bulimia is a mental illness in which someone eats uncontrollably and deliberately vomits. Eating a very healthy diet will automatically control hair fall. This condition is found mostly in women.

9. A high fever, some severe infection, and flu in some person trigger hair fall which can be controlled by being healthy and recovering.

10. De-stress yourself from all your stress from your stressful life as this is a major reason in most cases. Relaxing and staying happy is a key to control hair fall.

11. Pistachios, Walnut, and Cashew consumption particularly in males increase elastin vitalization.

12. Men with longer hair try different types of hairstyles which pull the hair tightly and do damage it so, brush your hair gently and don't pull your hair