It's important for every would be mother to learn about breast feeding techniques and benefits of breast milk and what to eat or not to eat during lactation.

There are certain foods to increase milk productions,

  1. Breast feeding,Breast feeding,breast feeding
    It's most important thing to increase breast milk production.more the baby sucks more is the milk production.
  2. Fenugreek (Methi)
    It increases milk production after few days,it can be taken as vegetable ,seeds in laddoo, or capsules.But how are hypothyroid or on blood thinner, asthmatic should avoid it.
  3. Fennel (Sauf)
    Can be eaten as seed after food or in vegetable .but do not eat in excess quantity.
  4. Spinach (Palak)
    Eat spinach as vegetable they contains lots of mineral and iron.
  5. Sesame seeds
    It's good food to increase milk production eat in crushed /paste form.
  6. Nuts
    Almonds are rich in healthy fatty acids and amino acids, it increases milk production by its serotonin effect.
  7. Oats
    They increases hormone level by stimulating pituitary gland so increases milk production ,so have one bowl of oats mixed with nuts .
  8. Garlic
    Studies has shown garlic increase milk production.
  9. Carom seeds(Ajawain)
    They increase milk production eat ajwain in vegetable tadaka or in paratha.
  10. Cumin seeds(jeera)
    Eat jeera in vegetable tadka or saut it and grind it mix in curd.