Is your snugly fitting bridge( cap/ crowns) of many years, detached now ?

If it is, then you must consider visiting your dentist , before it comes off when you laugh heartily or munch on a chicken piece at your friend's wedding.

Causes of an ill fitting bridge :

  • Blow/ accident / trauma to the cap.
  • Tooth mobility / abutment ( supportive tooth) teeth is carious, mobile or compromised.
  • Bone resorption in the aged.
  • Short , non retentive tooth - if the tooth over which the cap is placed is not bulky, long or retentive then it might dislodge.
  • Weak adhesive- the glue (cement) that binds the cap to the tooth becomes weak after a few years.

What now ?

A well designed tooth with a fixed prosthesis(cap) usually should not cause any problem, but now that it has there is always a solution.

  • Re-cementation -  If the doctor feels that the health of the tooth, the adjacent teeth and the supporting bone is in good health, he will just re- cement it with the adhesive and place it back.
  • Crown lengthening- If the main problem lies in the size and retentive ability of the tooth, he will increase the length of the tooth by trimming the gingiva and give you a new cap/ bridge.
  • If the teeth are compromised and mobile, you will have to go for an extraction and place an implant in that area.
  • If there is continuing pain after root canal and the cap over it is intact, then there might be infection or prevailing caries ( root canal might have to be done again).

Note- This is a very common problem and has a very simple solution, but as the tooth is usually prone to breakage if the cap over it is dislodged, it is recommended that you visit the dentist quickly.

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