The job of ‘tonsils’ is to help us fight the germs that enter through our mouth or nose, that might cause several infections if they make way into our body. And though we remain almost ignorant of this as they keep on doing their job just like other organs, sometimes they are infected too.

And it is most common and painful in children (them being children). The tonsils are enlarged due to attacks by certain bacteria and viruses. This is usually known as tonsillitis. Infected tonsils are swelled and red in colour. And can be covered with a yellow or whitish coating.

Inflamed tonsils can show symptoms like these in children:

While treatment of inflamed tonsils doesn’t go long for cases where the child gets it only once or rarely a few times in a year, other cases demand attention. If your child has tonsillitis several times in a single year, it is termed as recurrent tonsillitis.

And if your child has it for 3 months or more at one go, it is chronic. A proper care and treatment are needed in both cases. Though it’s a condition that consultant doctors can handle well in adults, paediatric treatment is strongly recommended for children. Paediatricians are aware of the children’s body much more closely than other practitioners.

Children need a much softer treatment than adults. Also, handing their tests and body needs remains essential during the treatment. Keeping in view all these points, you are recommended to take your child to a paediatrician in case the need arises.