Day of celebration for daughters of the world. Why should Indian daughters Not be part of it?

Society in India is divided like never before. One part says no more after 1 girl , others keep on trying till they get the blessed son. Yes doctors do help them despite laws like PNDT act 1994 which prohibits sex selection.

One segment has educated its daughters before giving them away in marriage, other segment considers daughters to be Paraya Dhan from day 1 and starts collecting dowry instead of investing in education as a degree is dowry for life , degree ensures education of gen next also.

Why are we still divided in our thought process despite Sunita Williams in space and lots of women scientist helping us with Chandrayaan?

Well that is the way we are.

Even Supreme Court is partial so far to mothers of daughters only. Look at the recent Judgement - Daughter in law has to look after mother in law , otherwise it is considered CRUELTY

Does same rule apply to son in law. Can Mother in law drag son in law to court in case of neglect and abuse , both physical and mental ? May be some gutsy woman will say damn societal norms and take the initiative.

Widows are Dumped at Vrindavan despite having own homes and they accept destiny, sing bhajans praising Lord to get 1 kilo of grains. Now Politicians have built homes for them and made then sort of independant, prior to this widows at Vrindavan were (are) at Mercy of NGOs.

No wonder every woman wants to die a Suhagan.

Girl child has to survive on Dole Money,because the girl child is neglected by majority of our population.

The Mothers of Sons are at a Higher platform.

Mothers of girl child only have to Grin and Bear it all through their lives & Dare they Look Happy !

Accept that girls are still dumped in dustbins, mothers of girls steal male kids to show off as their own , the doctors conducting Illegal Tests are rolling in money at the cost of killing unborn girls.

Do We Have a Reason to celebrate International day for the girl child?

The girls who have brought home medals at Olympics , just happened to have a rare form of inherent courage to get ahead in life. These girls make the best of Doctors , Engineers ,Professionals, pilots & policewoman like Kiran Bedi, facing odds , taunts of being educated, jealousies from none other than own female relatives.

 Let us celebrate the Victory of Good over Evil through Achievements of these rare breed of women.