Diabetes patients need regular blood glucose check especially if glucose levels are fluctuating. But practically, it is inconvenient to use glucometer every time and everywhere. Pricking multiple times is painful. Sometimes glucometer shows:

  • error-blood sample is too less
  • the battery is low
  • glucometer strip is not properly inserted requiring another test adding to the frustration
  • cost of glucose monitoring.

There is a solution to it- CGMS (continuous glucose monitoring sensor) technology. Here are the FAQ's on this technique:

Q- What is CGMS?

Ans- CGMS is a sensor based technique where glucose is checked every 15 minutes by the sensor avoiding multiple needle pricks.

Q- Where is sensor put?

Ans- Sensor is put into skin mostly at the back of the arm.

Q- Is it painful?

Ans- It is a one-time prick with automatic machine and pain is less than finger needle prick.

Q- How it works?

Ans- It measures and records glucose data every 15 minutes. That sensor data is captured by Bluetooth technology and studied on a mobile-like instrument or can be downloaded on a computer in the form of graphs.

Q- Can I take bath while a sensor is attached to the skin?

Ans- yes it is waterproof.

Q- How long it works?

Ans- It works for 2 weeks

Q- Is it costly?

Ans- No. It records more than 1000 reading which if measured by glucometer will cost much more than CGMS.

Ask your diabetologist about it if it suits your requirement.