COVID-19 and the Lockdown...

This is the peculiar time phase in our lives which we never imagined even in our wildest dreams..! 

This is a phase where all of us are expected to stay back at home and operate our daily life totally caged up in our homes. We all know that it is important in order to save mankind from this deadly virus. 

Feeling anxious is NOT abnormal 

This is a tough time for all of us in many ways. This will be a phase of uncertainty. During such states of uncertainty, we all have many thoughts running subconsciously in our minds. Though we don't openly agree, it is not so easy to maintain mental composure during these testing times. Trust me. This is quite normal as all our brains are equally wired since our childhood to interpret the future from what we see and feel today. Let me share a few tips to maintain the stamina of mind in these times of unpredictability.

1. Accept that Current situation is Universal: 

This Corona virus has spared no country. It proved that no nation and no race, how powerful they seemed to be, is not immune to the threats of nature. In this regard, be happy for two reasons: One is, we are still alive and our families are intact. The other reason being that we are fortunately not in a country where virus transmission has become like a deadly nuclear chain reaction. 

2. Revisit Your Hobby:

All of us have a hobby which we would have kept on the back burner. Its the best time to re-look into that. Spend one hour at least to immerse your self into the hobby. This can enhance your personal value.

3. Take an online course to refine Your Skills:

You can utilize this lock downtime to learn a new skill. This is different from Hobby. A hobby is for your soul but skill is for advancing in careers and Life. This can be learning excel program, soft skill development, work Productivity Skills or even Spoken English. Just log in to online learning sites such as Udemy or even Youtube. Investing time in refining skills will give you a deep sense of accomplishment which will boost your confidence enormously.

4. Focus on Physical Fitness:

We all dream of maintaining good physical fitness. Don't misunderstand that you require gyms for that. There are numerous short videos on Youtube that will teach you how to do small exercises at home itself without the aid of any equipment. Who knows..? This lockdown can transform you into a fitness freak. 

Remember that all of us are humans and feeling anxious by thinking about the future is universal. But by observing the above four strategies we can realign our minds and can transform our selves as more valuable and strengthened Humans. Adversities cause some men to break but others to break the records. So, let us gear up to break the records.