When there is constant pressure on your toes, it causes the skin cells in that area to die. Corns and callus are thick hardened layers of skin tissue that are formed on the feet as a way to protect itself against friction and pressure. 

Corns are often caused by wearing shoes that are too tight and need treatment only if they cause discomfort. If the source of friction or pressure is eliminated, in most cases, the corns and calluses disappear. 

A few tips to prevent Corn & Calluses formation:

1) Trim your Toe nails

Long painted toe nails are fancied by many but they can actually cause your toe to rub up against the shoe causing pressure resulting in a corn.  


2) Wear Shoes With Right Fit

It’s very important that you buy shoes that “Fit Right”. When you go shoe shopping and fall in love with a pair that simply isn’t available in your size, the best thing to do is “forget about it” rather than buying a size bigger or smaller. Either ways you could end up with corns caused due to pressure or friction.  

3) If You Test Shoes With One Foot, Buy Shoes That Fit The Larger Foot

It is advisable to try shoes on both the feet while buying a new pair. Most people just try the shoe only in one foot. Two feet are rarely the same size, so buy shoes that fit the larger foot. 

4) Protect Your Feet By Wearing Socks 

Socks can prevent the friction and pressure between your feet and the shoes, which can prevent corns from forming.  

And most importantly:

5) Moisturise your feet regularly to keep skin soft and supple.

6) If you wear high heels for work, give your feet a rest by wearing trainers on your commute.

7)  Look after your shoes and replace the soles regularly, or buy a new pair when they wear out, to help you walk correctly.