Even one of the Best Pediatric Surgeon would agree to the fact that raising a child is more challenging these days compared to the time when there was less competition among peers, limited access to junk food, and so on.

So, what should parents do to ensure that their child’s health is not compromised while keeping up with the contemporary lifestyle? 

Promote healthy discussions: Your child might be too young to have meaningful discussions but that doesn’t mean you discourage them to question and even answer your questions. Let them ask questions and answer them patiently. In return, you should also keep asking questions, even if the answers are obvious.

Teach them board games: In the era of internet gaming, board games are almost extinct. But to ensure that your child grows to be a thinker, introduce them to board games at an early age. You can start with a simple ludo or snake and ladder game and eventually move to scrabble, chess, monopoly, and others.

Choose toys wisely: The situation is critical in the modern day, but the good thing is that you have a lot of options. Now, there are toys available that are designed specially to polish the cognitive ability of your child. Try to specifically choose them instead of the same old gender-specific toys for your child.

Other than that, what your child eats and what he watches (TV and Internet) has a significant impact on their brain development. So, you need to be vigilant and keep an eye. If you still think that your child is not responding to all these, you shouldn’t delay in taking your child to a paediatrician. A paediatrician and study the patterns and suggest a better alternative to what needs to be done further.