Its party season. In India, its also wedding season. With both of those, there is plenty of alcohol floating around. So, if you're trying to avoid alcohol this season, here are some tips:

Substitute: Instead of the whisky or vodka, get afresh lime soda, fresh juice, soda, or maybe a diet drink. Sometimes, you just need something to hold in your hand. It can get you through the party.

Sip 1 all evening: Get one that you don't like too much drink and sip it all evening. You can even alternate each drink with a glass of water. It will not only keep you hydrated but will also help you from drinking more than you should.

Hit the gym, go for a walk: Working out, besides taking your mind of the alcohol, will help your body get rid of the toxins and get you into better shape. Instead of doing damage to your body by drinking alcohol, you'll be benefiting it. Exercise reduces anxiety, stress and improves mood by releasing feel good hormones.

Watch some funny TV: Funny TV will keep your busy, Distraction always helps. It could literally lift your spirits without the alcohol.

Call a friend: Get a friend to help you out. Every time you crave alcohol, call this one friend, and get them to talk you out of it. Just like watching TV it helps keep you occupied, till the craving passes you by.  Also helps to reinforce why you're trying to beat your alcohol craving.