In these unsettling times, most of the patients are scared to visit Clinics or Hospital due to fear of getting cross-infection. But at times, we may have to visit for an emergency, some pending surgery, vaccination, impending checkups, or other needs. So, we need to plan for a safe visit with the least exposure and risk to us and our loved ones. Here are some handy tips for the same:

1) Ask yourself if your issue can be solved by video consultation. Many of the Clinics/ Hospitals are offering online consultation on various Platforms. If this helps, nothing like it!

2) If you have decided to visit, choose a place where you are certain all the precautions will be taken. Try going to your familiar Clinic where you are comfortable.

3) Make an appointment; find out if there is going to be a crowd, and if they are spacing out the appointments.

4) Take only one attendant with you, preferably a decision-maker. Avoid unnecessarily taking any person with other health issues and an elderly person with you.

5) Make a list of your requirements, all the questions you need to ask the doctor so as to not forget and have to revisit again.

6) If you are suffering from any COVID like symptoms or have suffered in the past, or you have come in contact with such an infected person or a confirmed case, please do inform the doctor. Most of the clinic, you may have to fill a COVID declaration form.

7) Keep social distancing at all times when you are in the clinic/ hospital.

8) Wear a cloth mask. If you forget to wear or carry your mask, most of the clinics/ hospitals will provide you with one, if you ask.

9) Wear full-sleeves clothes and some kind of eye protection as well if you are really apprehensive, for whatever protection it can offer. After coming back from the clinic, make sure you change your clothes and put your masks, gloves, and eye-wear if any, for a wash.

10) You can also carry a hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes with you. All the clinics are providing nowadays but just in case if you need to clean your hands in between.

11) Avoid overcrowded lifts, touching surfaces, etc. If you have to touch, you can use the wipes to clean first. If you take the necessary precautions, the risk is minimal.  

We all know that the pandemic is going to last for some time, so we have to try to get back to our routine lives, but at the same time be careful.

 All the best, take care, and stay safe!