There are lots of reasons for back pain

  • Back pain can be due to problems in skin like infections
  • It can be due to problems in muscles like spasm
  • It can be due to problems in blood circulation
  • It can be due to problems in nerves
  • It can be due to inflammations

Most of such causes of back pain can be treated by drugs alone, but if the back pain is due to displacement of bones (one bone has moved from its normal spot to another spot) then the only way to treat such back pain is by surgical fixture.

We have to fix the bones with screws and rods.

The moral of the story is that surgery is not needed for most causes of back pain. But if your cause of back pain requires surgery, it can be solved by no other means, so please do not waste time and add on to complications for such problems.

If a particular disease can be solved only by surgery, opt for surgery at the earliest to have better recovery.