There is an old saying "we are what we eat".Food is the most important pillar of our life.It is very important to eat healthy  and nutritious food to stay in the shape.Doctors have been stressing on Clean eating,diet fads have come and gone but still people are confused what exactly the clean diet is? So here are some facts and tips regarding good or clean eating.

Some Myths regarding good eating

  • Myth -A zero fat diet is good.

Fact-Some amount of fat id necessary in the diet.

  • Myth-Only Fat people needs clean eating.

Fact-Even People with normal weight can have high fat and lipids,so everybody needs to eat clean.

  • Myth- High Cholesterol diet is the only culprit.

Fact-Saturated fats also increase the blood cholesterol.

  • Myth- only oil needs to be cut down.

Fact- there needs to be a total change in the diet and lifestyle.

  • Myth- Sunflower oil can be taken as much as you can.

Fact- excessive use of any oil will decrease the good cholesterol.

  • Myth-vegetable oils do not contain cholesterol.

Fact- vegetable oils consumed in excess can cause an increase in total fat which can cause an increase in cholesterol.

  • Myth- Starvation or rapid weight loss are good.

Fact-it should be reduced gradually.

Some tips for clean eating.

  • Do not starve yourself or over eat.
  • Eat plenty of salads or green leafy vegetables.
  • Eat large breakfast and light dinner.
  • Remove all the fat from the meat before cooking.
  • Do not heat oil rapidly.
  • Do not reuse heated oils.
  • Avoid deep frying and prefer steamed food.
  • Choose your grocery wisely.
  • Do not consume extra salt.
  • Do not eat Dinner late night.
  • Use natural sources of antioxidants and vitamins like vegetables.
  • With advanced age, eat less and exercise more.
  • Limit the use of Alcohol and other habit forming Substances.
  • exercise regularly.