When comes to Premature Ejaculation problem, it is important for men to understand that the treatment method and approach varies from one patient to the other. It is only after performing a medical check-up and a series of tests that a Sexologist can recommend the most effective treatment. Also, you should be careful while looking for a sex specialist because the doctor you will choose would make a huge difference to the outcome of the treatment. Choose experienced and qualified sexologist so that you can be assured of the results of the treatment.

Around one in five men experience difficulty with early or uncontrolled ejaculation at some or the other point in life according to a study conducted. When a man experiences premature ejaculation frequently and it interferes with the sexual pleasure, then it is considered as a medical problem and choosing the right and timely Premature Ejaculation Treatment  is important to overcome this problem timely and effectively.

Premature ejaculation is most common sexual problems in men that is faced by men across the globe. It occurs when a man reaches orgasm and ejaculates quickly that too without any control. To simply put, ejaculation takes place before a man wants it to actually happen. It might happen after or before beginning intercourse or foreplay. A large number of men experience a lot of personal distress due to this condition.

Treatment for premature ejaculation

"Squeeze technique” is used one of the most commonly. If a man thinks that he is all set to experience premature orgasm, he intrudes sexual relationship.  It has been found that this therapy has helped nearly sixty to ninety percent of the men to learn how to control the premature ejaculation. However, it is important for you to remember that the success of this treatment depends on the contribution of both the partners.Also, remember that there are high chances of premature ejaculation to return, hence, you might need to undergo behavioural therapy again.