Back is a very sensitive part of human body. The function of back muscles is closely related to the mechanics we practice throughout the day (like the way of lifting heavy objects that will not strain your back). Any mechanical imbalances created in back muscles can cause back pain. Women are always multitasking between their professional and household work and they forget to care for themselves. 

Few tips that can help prevent back pain:

  1. Backward bending exercise: Bhujang asana helps to destress the spine thus reduce back pain. Standing and bending backwards in between our routine many times a day helps to prevent back pain. 
  2. Stretching and Gentle Massage: The tight muscles causes back pain. Stretching and massage releases the tight structures thus preventing from pain to occur.
  3. Maintain Correct postures:
  • Avoid prolonged standing or sitting (>30mins). Bed rest will trigger pain
  • Avoid Lifting heavy weight (>16kg)
  • Sit with lower back well supported
  • Always sit with upper back and neck supported (during driving, desk work etc.)
  • Place the computer or mobile screen at eye level during prolong usage
  • Avoid sudden lifting or pulling heavy objects