If you recently got the news that you are pregnant, then the first thing you should book an appointment with your dentist just for a general oral check-up.  Expecting parents have a lot in their minds. Pregnancy is the most important phase of a female’s life. Your gynecologist advises taking care of your diet and health. But you might not know that pregnancy and oral health are related to each other. Today in this blog we will discuss how these two are related and what all precautions you should take care of during your pregnancy. 

During pregnancy, a lot of hormonal changes are there which might increase the risk of developing gum diseases. A lot of studies have suggested a link between gum diseases and premature babies. A lot of pregnant women avoid going to the dentist as they think dental treatments might hinder the development of their babies. But there is nothing like that. Precaution is always better than cure. Changes in the oral cavity during pregnancy, Increased sugar cravings might lead to tooth decay. Increases hormonal level (estrogens and progesterone) can affect bony structures around teeth which might lead to loose teeth even without any decay. Vomiting and nausea reflex during pregnancy might lead to acid exposures to teeth which might lead to erosion of teeth.

Pregnancy Gingivitis

Change in these hormones can lead to gingivitis. Various symptoms of pregnancy gingivitis are:

Swollen gums, redness, and bleeding gums. According to IDA (Indian Dental Association), 4 out of 10 women develop pregnancy gingivitis. Sometimes gingivitis may be caused by poor oral hygiene. A few superstitious people advise not to brush during pregnancy which can trigger gingivitis. Hence pregnant females should do brushing twice a day and flossing once a day.

Periodontitis during pregnancy 

It is an advanced form of gingivitis and it is more dangerous. It might lead to premature babies or low birth weight babies. Hence you should not avoid gingivitis and better treat it on time. 

As you are preparing your body to conceive a baby like a healthy diet, mineral supplements exercise to maintain body weight, you should consider your regular dental checkups also. As you can prevent major problems in the early stage only. We have provided special facilities for expecting mothers like minimal exposure x rays, lead aprons and different operatory rooms. We always guide our pregnant patient to get scaling and get cavities filled on time.  As in the second and third trimester, it is difficult for them to give long sittings and posture problems are there. We always ask for the consent of your gynecologist for any special precaution or any medications which are contraindicated. If there is an emergency like an abscessed tooth, that procedure can be performed and other procedures can be postponed. So the basic result of the discussion is that you should not skip your dental check-up during pregnancy as pregnancy causes hormonal changes that might increase the risk of periodontal diseases and might lead to major problems.