Dentistry is a branch of medicine that includes the study, diagnosis and treatment of jaws and facial region. According to WHO, oral diseases are major health concern around the world due to their high prevalence and as a result, there is a great demand of dentist. There are also numerous experienced dental professionals who have come forward to guide the young graduates at imparting knowledge on dental education but has become more of a business than learning. So, it is very important to choose the right mentor to gain knowledge and help build a career as a dentist. 

Here are few tips to consider before joining any dental courses as we all need to learn and upgrade our knowledge from time to time.

1. Check or ask for reviews from internet, friends, colleagues, etc of different dental institutions, about the most liked or reviewed institution and reasons behind them. Make decisions by keeping learning experience as the top priority as learning is never too easy. 

2. Before joining any dental courses enquire about the mentor whether they are well trained and highly qualified. Count the years of experience and their practice and not degrees. 

3. Check for most reliable dental institute, hands-on training for different dental courses such as dental implants,  endodontics, etc. 

4. Before joining any dental academy get proper updates on all types of dental courses and their recent advances as advance equipments are required for proper and accurate treatment.

5. Don't go for complicated courses as one cannot learn anything in 8-10 days time which may require years to master them like Orthodontics courses which is mainly based on treatment planning. 

6.  Lastly, choose the courses which you are convenient with and more number of patients to work later on.