Rice, abundant in carbohydrates, has always been considered as one of the healthiest food items in the world. Not only does it enhance body strength, it also has amazing properties which helps in ending bile disorders and also kills stomach worms. It cures hoarseness and spermatorrhoea, and helps stool to pass easily.  It is useful in preventing dysentery, amoebic dysentery and other gastro-intestinal distress. Its anti-diuretic properties help in ending kidney-related disorders. 

The benefits of rice do not end here. The following are some of its other benefits:

Treat pimples with a rice face pack

Mix rice flour, water and one pinch of sandal powder, one pinch of turmeric powder and two spoons of rosewater. The preparation should be kept in the sun light for half an hour. Before applying make-up, apply this pack. Wait for 30 minutes and then wash face with lukewarm water. You can then go ahead and apply cosmetics. The pack helps in brightening of your skin, removing of excess oil and closing the open pores. 

Stop diarrhoea with rice

Consumption of rice starch helps in preventing loose motion. Give half cup of boiled rice water to children and one cup to young adults after every half an hour. Remember, the quantity of rice starch for children should be less.

Water drained after cooking rice is low on fiber, tasty, nutritive and easily digestible. Mix a pinch of salt in it. Taking this mixture helps in preventing diarrhoea, however, do not keep the boiled rice water for more than six hours.

Stop those annoying hic…hic…hiccups

Soak parched rice in water for 10 minutes and grind it to prepare a paste. Mix black salt and black pepper in this paste to give it to the patient, and your hiccups would be gone.

Vomiting while pregnant?

Soak 50 gm rice in 250 ml water and mix 5 gm coriander in it for half hour. After 10 minutes, crush this mixture and filter it. Prepare 4 doses from this mixture and give it to the patient 4 times in a day. The mixture helps in stopping vomiting during pregnancy.

Bloody diarrhoea

Grind 20 gm of sandal with rice water (wash the rice with water) and take it with sugar candy and honey. It is useful in preventing bloody diarrhoea.


Grind the root of Indian cotton plant with one cup rice water. Take 100 gm of green gram and roast it. Once roasted, dry grind it to make a powder. Mix it with the root. To prevent leucorrhoea, take one spoon of this mixture with one cup of rice water.

Bilious fever

Soak rice and date-palm in water. Take 0.24 gm zinc ash with this water to cure bilious fever.