Soy products are a rich source of proteins with minimal fats or no fats if steam cooked. Soy milk is given to persons suffering from chronic gastric complaints like indigestion or aversion to normal milk available. Our markets are full of fancy soy milks with no flavors and minimal fats but lots of added proteins, also these milks are available in 200 ml packs for kids and adolescents with different kinds of flavors. Soy products lead to increase in production of feminising hormone called estrogen & it can lead to early puberty in girls as old as 8-10 and development of breasts in males along with a delayed puberty in boys.

During Perimenopausal days, 4-5 years before and after menopause, there is physiological decline in hormones including estrogens in every woman 

We can call it a midlife crisis in every woman during 40-50 years but she wants to live healthy for another 50 years.

If she consumes extra Soy products like chunks/ granules, soy milk for less fat and more proteins, her levels of estrogens will never go down and she will continue with spotting off and on, confusing the treating doctors about reasons for bleeding as every other test like ultrasound and biopsy of uterus are normal except for high levels of estrogens in the blood.

Estrogens are protective to the heart but one has to create a balance between normal physiological changes at 50 and protect the heart by other means.

Do take soy products as vegetarian protein but moderation is the mantra.