when i go back and look when my road to health and fitness began, i am a little confused. you see, since childhood i have been a very active person with dancing and all. but somewhere down the line i had lost it. so i began to think this way, WHEN DID I LOSE IT?

     it then hit me that i lost it when i lost focus in life in general. till the time i got married i had a good focus in life, i had goals i had aspirations, dreams and a will to make it all come true. then i got married and my world changed like nobody's business. now it was more important to get up at a particular time, to make the food that EVERYBODY will appreciate, to see that everyone in the house had everything going well for them. take care that the members of the family did not clash with each other. see that the pantry was stocked up, the laundry was done and everything else under the sun. along with all this i was pursuing my MD and practicing in whatever free time i was left with [which translated to none most of the time :( ]

   AND THEN CAME MOTHERHOOD my world changed even more where all my day started revolving around the little one [my baby was a very happy undemanding one mind you]. and with 24 hours in a day i kept wondering how i got anything accomplished at all.

in 8 years of this mayhem, i had put on weight, become increasingly irritable, and ended up being borderline diabetic.
now i think about it, this mayhem wasn't the cause for my problems but the state of mind i adopted when i got married was the reason for everything else.

i know what you will think. 'oh of course it is all about having some ME TIME and this story is no different'

yes, true. but what i want to further bring to your mind is that it is never really late to start committing to yourself. the moment i saw myself going towards diabetes, that moment was the jolt, the awakening. i knew i couldn't go on like this.i realised i had lost the sense of my body and mind balance. i realised that if i didnt COMMIT myself to my health i have no future either personally or professionally.

everything else just followed. of course it wasnt easy but once you realise from within that health can be attained through efforts and will not happen until you do put effort, things will fall into place.

it is my intention to share my step by step journey towards a happy healthy me with you all. i will also share the insights and knowledge that i have gained on this journey so we may all be a part of one beautiful trip together. i would love to hear from you and answer any queries you might have.
love you all

Dr Seema Mahesh