"Bitter gourd, a Boon of Nature, has a Great Power to Cure Many Ailments".

Bitter gourd, or Bitter melon, or Bitter squash or Karela (in India) is a very unique vegetable which is used as food as well as medicine.

Bitter gourd originated in India and grown in various tropical and subtropical countries.

It is an edible part of the trailing plant called Memordica charantia, which belongs to the family of Cucurbitaceae

It is the most bitter among all the vegetables.

Health Benefits

  1. Bitter melon improves energy expenditure thus helping in weight reduction
  2. Anti-helminthic – deworming
  3. Prevents Cancer
  4. Ever known Remedy for Diabetes Mellitus
  5. Stimulates Easy Digestion and Peristalsis
  6. Liver Tonic
  7. Boosts Immune System & Enhances Stamina
  8. Cures Skin Infections
  9. Potent Blood Purifier
  10. Natural Remedy for Dandruff, Hair Loss and Itchy Scalp

Nutrient contents (100 g)

Energy – 17 kcals

Carbohydrates –3.70 g

Protein – 1 g

Fat – 0.17 g

Dietary fibre – 2.80 g

Vitamin A – 471 IU

Vitamin C – 84 mg

Folates – 72 mcg

Sodium – 5 mg

Potassium – 296 mg

Magnesium – 17 mg

Calcium – 19 mg

Bio-active Components 

Saponins: Momordicine II and 3-hydroxycucurbita-5, 24-dien-19-al-7, 23- di-O-β-glucopyranoside

Hypoglycemic agents: Polypeptide-p, Charantin,  & vicine


  • If Diabetic, consult a Physician before deciding the quantity of bitter melon consumption 
  • Avoid if allergic to bitter melon
  • Use with caution during pregnancy

Important tips

  • Wash Bitter Melon thoroughly before use
  • Use Fresh Ones for Best Results
  • Choose the ones which are Bright, Fresh & Deep Green Color

Bitter Gourd Tea

Bitter gourd tea
  • Bitter melon/Bitter gourd leaves (Dried & powdered) – ½ table spoon
  • Water – 150 ml


  • Boil about 150 ml of pure water and add dried bitter gourd pieces or bitter gourd leaves powder
  • Simmer at low to medium for about 10 mins
  • Turn off fire, let it steep for about 10 min
  • Strain & Sip it warm