Because of a very unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits, many of us face issues with our gut. Having a healthy gut is now more important than earlier. To know how one can have a healthy gut, one should know how to identify if your stomach is not healthy enough. When your digestion gets disturbed with even a single meal taken from outside, or you get constipation or loose motion very easily and frequently or you feel uneasy some times after eating something particular, all this represents the signs of an unhealthy stomach. Having a week or poor digestion also affects your overall body immunity. If you wish to have a good immune system you should first focus on your gut healthy and your body immunity will become better on its own. 

Following are some simple and practical tips for you to have a Healthy Gut:

1) Go for Natural Probiotics: We Indians are blessed with some natural probiotics very easily available to us which not only provides us enough healthy stomach bacteria but also helps to provide good quality of protein. Curds and buttermilk are the most commonly used natural probiotics in our Indian diet routine. Have it daily even in winters to keep your digestion healthy. There are some brands available in the market for some artificial probiotics as well these days but if you consume natural curd and buttermilk in enough amount you won’t be needing to depend upon these artificial ones. 

2) Balance diet: the best solution for any of your health issues is this. If you eat a balanced diet on a very regular basis then your body will function in a proper way and will provide you overall good health. To make your diet balanced, one should include a lot of vegetables, fruits, pulses, chicken, eggs, nuts, seeds, cereals, milk, and milk products, all in enough proportion.

3) Fermented and germinated foods: these foods are not only light and easy to digest but also have a lot better nutrition and they can provide us total nutrition. These include sprouts, idli, dosa, pickles, etc. Try to include more of these foods in your diet so that you can improve your overall health.