Losing weight isn’t just about doing one healthy thing like walking in the morning or eating cereals for breakfast— it’s made up of a plenty of healthy options that you choose to go with throughout your day. By introducing these simple changes in your daily life you will be on your way to being super fit and healthy! The crux of the idea is to repeatedly train your brain to make healthy choices so often that it becomes a habit.

Now all of us already have a daily routine in which we have a specific time to wake up, eat breakfast, take a shower, etc. All we have to do to make our daily activities such as these to induce weight loss into our system is to add a few things to them here and there. There is a fairly simple way to manipulate your routine to lose those extra calories. What follows is a systemic list of tweaks introduced throughout your day. 

Wake up time- 7 a.m.* 

Wake up, and start the day with a tall glass of water at room temperature. It is the best way to help flush toxins from your body and instantly boost your metabolism. You can then follow it up with your daily tea/coffee ritual. If you can, substitute it with a cup of green tea, for added health benefits. 

Follow this up with eating 8 pre-soaked almonds with the skin on. 

Morning time is the best time to workout before other time pressures come in the way. This can be a quick 10 minute workout too! 

Here are 4 exercises that you can do without any equipment while getting ready or just before hitting the shower.

  • Jumping Jack: 40 reps 2 sets
  • Wall Push up: 25 reps 2 sets
  • Walking lunges: 20 reps each side 2 sets
  • Mountain climber: 20 reps each side 2 sets 

8 a.m. 

Eat a filling breakfast that is more than just cornflakes. Adding enough fiber & protein to your breakfast helps you stay fuller longer. Eat at least a portion of fruit with your breakfast. 

9 a.m. 

If you are heading to office remember to pack your lunch that includes a salad and a quick snack. Planning your food helps you eat healthier and take fewer calories. It also prevents binge eating.

10 a.m. 

While planning your whole day’s activities, just have a tall glass of water on the side. 

11 a.m.

If you spend too much time in front of a computer take a five minute break. Walk around or just do some basic stretching exercises sitting on the chair, this will help with your blood circulation and maintaining your body’s flexibility. 

12 noon 

Treat yourself to a quick green tea break. If you are feeling like munching on something grab a fruit or a few nuts. It will help your body get re-energized. Always keep a small stash of healthy snacks handy to prevent binging on unhealthy foods. 

1 p.m. 

Break for lunch. A healthy lunch includes low-fat protein, fiber, fresh veggies, whole grains, and fruit for dessert. Don’t add any sweetened beverages or tea/coffee to your meal. You can start your meal with a glass of water and follow it up with a salad before you head to the main course. 

2 p.m. 

Go for a 15 minute post meal walk. Researchers have found that going for a short walk of 10-15 minutes post meals not only benefits the digestion process but also helps in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. 

3 p.m. 

Take a water break. 

4 p.m.

Take a casual stroll, re-arrange your table. Have a small snack to keep energy levels going. 

5 p.m. 

Sip some green tea. Green tea has been shown to suppress your appetite and increase your metabolism 

6 p.m. 

Drink a glass of water before heading out. This will prevent you from reaching home ravenous. Try walking home or taking stairs to burn extra calories. Physical activity not only helps you stay fit but also helps relieve stress, which can trigger overeating. 

7 p.m

Eat a small snack like a fruit. This acts like an appetizer before your meal enough to keep you full so that you can have a good dinner with everyone and not ruin your appetite for dinner. 

8 p.m. 

Start getting ready to eat dinner. Make sure you start your meal with a salad to pack in the fiber and antioxidants. 

9 p.m. 

Go for a walk and spend time with friends and family. You have been spending majority of the day sitting, don’t waste any more time sitting in front of the TV. 

10 p.m

Relax! Think about the day that has gone by and plan your day ahead. Planning what exercise you will do and the foods that you will eat the next will help stick to your goal for longer. 

11 p.m. 

Hit the sack. Getting enough sleep is proven to help with weight loss. Wake up and repeat.

*tentative timings given, even if you follow a different routine you can still follow the changes without any worry.