Everyone’s just so kind to us! Thank you Karishma. We are thrilled about your new self.

The New, Un-processed Me


I thought I’d write this email to you. A big thank you for all your little ‘conseils!’
After 6 months of cutting down on processed foods (haven’t sipped a Coke since Nov 2013), I feel so much lighter, less lethargic and haven’t fallen ill (which I used to quite often).
I now eat from steel dabbas, drink water from glass bottles as opposed to plastic, and all the so called ‘diet snacks’ have become non-existent in my house.
I do occasionally indulge in chips, crackers, ice-cream etc. but I know where to stop and my body tells me when I’ve had enough.
Also, the daily posts on your FB page and the weekly blog shares are extremely motivating!
Thanks again for being such a great advisor !!