The Corona pandemic has brought with it many difficulties. But, it has also brought with it a welcome change. A change that could save the future and generations to come. 

The evolution has taken a different course. We are spectators to something which people witness once in every 100 years. Nature has its way of protecting itself and telling us Enough is Enough!!

Darwin's survival of the fittest concept is in full swing. However, this piece of write up is to focus on what lies beyond this pandemic, if we are able to get through it unharmed physically and mentally.

5 major changes after this pandemic which could alter the course of the universe:-

1. Mind

Prior to this pandemic, people seldom took mental health seriously. People always cribbed about not having enough time at hand. However, when they did have all the time in the world, they started to lose it.

This is a golden opportunity for us to focus on ourselves and control our minds. Internet and various online courses available has made it very easy to accomplish this. Mental toughness is the one thing which will determine one well being in the future.

2. Relationships

We all were busy hogging at work six days a week. The rat race was lethal and unforgiving. This pandemic period has given us ample of time and actually shown us where we stand on the relationship stand with our loved ones. 

This is an excellent opportunity to cement relationships and form bonds that will stay for a lifetime. The time spent here will determine how we spend our old age and how we will be remembered.

3. Body

The body given to us by the almighty is the temple in which our soul resides. It is our duty to take care of this temple and maintain it in the best condition. 

This period has given us time to heal and grow. Let's utilize this to become a better version of ourselves.

4. Finances

Survival in these testing times is not easy. Many people have lost their jobs. Most people are surviving on the savings which have gone scanty. Others are finding it hard even to earn their daily bread.

These times were never warranted and forces us to think if we are actually financially secure and intelligent?

It's important to learn this very important skill set to maximize the returns and survive in this unforgiving world.

5. Spirituality

In order to overcome a difficult situation and grow, there ought to be a belief system. This does not mean that one becomes religious. It just means that one should believe in a higher power in order to focus and claim higher energies.

The year 2020 has shown us that there is something stronger than a human can understand.

Let's get together and fight this pandemic. Let's emerge from this as a new generation.

Let's meet our own 2.0 Version.