1 ) After a certain age one must take vitamin and mineral tablets ..........Turning 40 , 50 or 60 does not mean you need to start popping Calcium , Vitamins B 12 pills ..Only your doctor can decide whether you have any deficiencies that need supplementation. .

 2. ) It is ok to take over the counter health supplements ........Absolutely not ! . Most of the attractive looking products. containing ' essential.oils' and ' natural ' fats that give you glowing skin , shiny hair sparkling eyes are therapeutically useless . .............. . 

 3 ) Vitamins and health capsules help one to get ' stronger ' . ...Another myth! Taking vitamin capsules cannot help a healthy person get ' healthier ' . Deficiency states during convalescence following acute infections or a major surgery, certain chronic illnesses leading to lowered immunity , pregnancy , and malnutrition do require supplements ...however only under physician' s guidance . 

4 ) It is good to substitute food with supplements to reduce weight ... The biggest misconception ! ...actually no capsules can take the the place of a balanced , healthy diet.. Unlike artificial vitamins, food contains certain phytonutrients and bioactive compounds with enough fibre which are absorbed naturally through our gut . 

 5 ) Vitamin tablets can prevent and cure sickness .... Not true....Vitamin and mineral supplements are not medication and cannot cure any specific disease ...they can only fill the nutritional gaps caused by sickness and decreased body resistance .Therefore pushing those flavoured vitamin and calcium syrups down your child's throat does not make him taller or stronger . The physician who refuses to prescribe health tonics , multivitamin capsules ( from vitamin A to Z