Someone has rightly said that caesarean sections are God's gift to modern women.

To me the use of word modern is very intriguing, implying perhaps that caesarean sections be considered fashionable and a status symbol for the new generation.

I am writing this to mainly focus on the point that caesarean section has become a casual subject these days.

The fact is, that when done for genuine medical reasons, a caesarean section is admittedly one of the safest and the most effective operation. But it carries the risk of potential complications for both, the mother and the baby and has been proven to be riskier than uncomplicated normal deliveries.

But nowadays, there is an enormous increase in the number of caesarean sections done for non-medical reasons, which is called unnecessary caesarean.

Our country too has abnormally high caesarean section rate. Generally caesarean deliveries constituting more than 20-25% of hospital total deliveries, is worrisome. Yet, most private hospitals in our country have 50-80% caesarean section rate, which is unacceptable.

Important reasons for unnecessary c-sections are:

  1. Fear of pain among young girls and low threshold for pain because of sedentary lifestyles. It is rightly said - 'No pain, no gain'. For giving birth to the baby by natural process, one has to go through pain of normal delivery. Being pregnant is one of the most wonderful joy for a woman. Everyday of the 9 months is a memorable experience. But the thought and process of delivering a child normally is scary. So to avoid the pain of labour and delivery, most mothers to be opt for caesarean section.
  2. 'Muhurat' Baby Fad where astrologers take out date and time for baby to come out of the womb.
  3. Lack of counselling from doctor's side due to paucity of time and lack of patience.

Some useful tips to ensure a normal delivery.

  1. Good Eating Habits - Your eating habits play a very important role in normal delivery and the health of your child. Must adhere to wholesome and healthy diet.
  2. Keep Moving - You must exercise regularly to make your body ready for normal delivery. You can do brisk-walking, swimming and aerobics. Strengthen your pelvic and thigh muscles for normal child birth.
  3. Practice Yoga - Along with exercise also do yoga daily. Yoga teaches you the right breathing techniques. Some yoga poses also help you reduce strain on your lower back. It is called as pre-natal yoga.
  4. Don't Stress - Avoid physical as well as mental stress. Both the stresses affect your pregnancy and normal delivery as well. Keep yourself happy and peaceful throughout this phase. Indulge in your hobbies, meditate, and listen to your favourite music to destress yourself.
  5. Maintain Your Weight - Surely you need to put on some weight, but keep an eye on those extra kilos. Excessive weight gains can also create problems in normal delivery.
  6. Have Water Regularly - Labour pains and delivery can leave you dehydrated. Optimum water level aid normal delivery and reduce pain. Drink water and fresh fruit juices during labour.

Thus, need of the hour is to spread scientific and evidence based information to the general public to rein in the caesarean epidemic. We should try and have genuine feedbacks of the patients who have undergone NORMAL VAGINAL DELIVERY and of the health professionals(obstetrician) who are committed to a minimal intervention philosophy.