Confused about what to eat when you are partying??

Here's the solution :

  • Never go to a party on an empty stomach as it will stop you from binge eating.
  • Have some salads/soups priorly(without cornflour and dressings)
  • Go for healthy grilled/ baked snacks. For example, paneer tikka/ grilled mushrooms/ grilled chicken(without butter) /grilled fish(without butter) /idli /sauted vegetable salad. Serve smaller portions at first and allow yourself a second helping only if you are still hungry.
  • Slight modifications can be requested like you  can request for adding veggies to the dish instead of french fries. or placing the order of dal makhani without butter.
  • Have desert just for taste. Don't fill your tummy with whole serving.
  • Learn to say NO! even if you are being forced to eat otherwise it will lead to overeating which will make you feel bloated.
  • Too much alcohol will cause dehydration, irritability,headaches etc. Don't have a drink with an empty stomach as it will lead to empty calories. Always eat something with a drink. 2 pegs are recommended. 
  • Go for fresh lime soda/ virgin mojito / fresh juice as they are better than colas/ diet drinks.
  • Get back on track as soon as possible. Increase your workout activity half 'n' hour more in form of dance/ yoga/ walk/ jogging/ swimming/gym. use stairs in place of elevators  as it will burn your extra laden calories.
  • Keep your meals light and fresh with full of vegetables the next day as it will increase fiber in your body. For example,vegetable khichdi/ vegetable daliya/ vegetable sprout salad/ vegetable kala chana salad/ vegetable oats/ sauted vegetables/ milk porridge etc.
  • Increase your water intake in form of green tea/ vegetable juices which will also help in the detoxification of body/buttermilk/coconut water etc. 
  • Try to avoid unlimited buffet system as it will make you eat more.