Temporomandibular joint or jaw joint or TM joint is form by lower jaw and part of skull bone. Various muscles attached to bone part help in movement of lower jaw while speaking and chewing.

Classic TMJ symptoms:

1. Cheek pain

2. Headache

3. Ear pain

4. Click sound in joint

5. Difficulty in mouth opening, teeth grinding or clenching

6. Migraine, sinus like pain

7. Neck pain 

TM joint and muscle related Diagnosis:

1. Disc displacement- click sound on mouth movements, treated by self care, splint treatment, medication, physiotherapy and surgery

2. Masticatory Muscle Problem (Myofunctional Pain Dysfunction Syndrome)- pain on biting, ear sound, pain in muscle, parafunctional habits

3. Joint trauma/injury

4. Congenital problems

5. Ankylosis also called as trismus- inability to open mouth

Patient Education & Instruction:

1. Limit parafunctional habits like nail biting, teeth grinding, clenching

2. Proper lip and teeth position

3. When yawning support lower jaw, don’t open more than 2 finger

4. Avoid sleeping by facing downward

5. Soft diet

6. Warm water treatment

7. TM joint exercise & physiotherapy

8. Muscle relaxant

9. Vitamin D3

10. Intra-articular injection

11. Splint therapy

12. Surgery