Real India lives in the heart of Rural India. Folks are a lot smarter than Urban people because of Survivor Instincts & because of Herd Mentality.

They are Net-Savvy. A recent survey has revealed that numbers of smartphones are more in Rural India, compared to Urban people.

There is a Shortage of Doctors & Primary Health Centers because doctors need basic infrastructure to work.

I am working in Delhi and encourage people to consult with me through online forums because NCR is notorious for traffic jams.

Ditto for Rural areas.

Even if I want to open a Primary Health Center just 10 kms from my home, it takes more than one hour to reach the place, work for few hours ( sometimes there is no electricity ), and come back to secure home.

Looking after the health of women from Puberty to Menopause, prevention of communicable diseases, family welfare, seasonal fevers & allergies, taking away Myths ingrained in mindsets of rural women...the list goes on!

There is a lot to do for rural areas & our rural women deserve the best of Primary Healthcare.

Lessons learned during Lockdown & Work from Home-

Lots of women in remote areas were attended to by each one of us

We Can Do It During Normal Times Also.

Our Yuva is a Motivated lot.

The Yuva is willing to teach the staff who belongs to the village and some space can be easily provided for by some Rich Landlord.

A Primary health center can be made Functional, by asking people to consult doctors ONLINE.

A crisis no matter how painful it provides an opportunity and pandemic is providing India that on telemedicine, or remote diagnosis.

Remember that every time It is Not About a Disease

Clearing the mindset of age-old myths is also Service to Humanity.

Telemedicine Need Not be Just a Privilege for Urban India.

Supplemented with the required Infrastructure, it could help to plug the gap in India's woeful rural healthcare system.