Teleconsultation was considered futuristic and non-scalable a few years ago, but it is a reality today. It is an important tool that gives access to convenient, specialized and quality healthcare services across the globe, especially in remote areas with limited healthcare facilities.

In India, ‘Telemedicine Practice’ guidelines were published on March 25, 2020. The guidelines not only established the legal practice of teleconsultation but also reinforced the importance of this service in a country like India.

What is teleconsult and how does it work?

Teleconsult allows patients and doctors to connect with each other remotely, using tech tools such as the internet, apps, and smartphones. 

Both doctors and patients are required to register themselves on an online healthcare platform. A patient can either request to connect with a doctor at a later time or connect instantly with a doctor over a chat, call, or video. The patient then explains his health concerns, existing symptoms and previous history (if required). The doctor diagnoses the condition and prescribes medicines and tests to the patients.

Scope of teleconsult

Teleconsult (commonly known as e-consult or online doctor consult) is proving to be the biggest boon to the Indian healthcare system today. With hospitals and clinics closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, the safest and smartest option available for all is to consult a doctor online. 

The scope of teleconsult extends beyond these times. One can use it on a daily basis to reach out to doctors for all types of health queries, at any time. Here are 8 benefits of telemedicine or teleconsult that will highlight why teleconsult has now become an integral part of our lives:

1. Consult your doctor from the comfort of your home: Teleconsult allows you to connect with your doctor from home, office, another city or wherever you might be. 

2. Save time and other costs: When you teleconsult, you reduce or completely eliminate the need to travel to a clinic, thus saving time and money.

3. Access to a wide number of specialists: Teleconsult services allow you to connect with doctors across specialities. You can consult your General Physician or instantly connect with an expert.

4. No prior appointment booking: Visiting a doctor physically requires booking a prior appointment in most cases. Teleconsult eliminates the need to book an appointment.

5. Private and secured conversations: You can connect with a doctor over a private and confidential chat during teleconsult. One can comfortably ask questions and seek medical advice without any hesitation, which could exist sometimes in case of an in-clinic consultation.

6. Access to all medical records: Teleconsult platforms help patients maintain electronic health records (EHRs). It is easy to manage and update digital files, view them all in one place and share it with anyone, from anywhere, anytime.

7. Compare and choose the best doctor: One can view doctor feedback, ratings, number of years of experience, and more. This helps patients to compare and choose the most suitable doctor for them.

8. Being on top of your health: Telemedicine allows you to become more engaged in your healthcare journey by increasing your access to doctors and specialists, creating opportunities for real-time communication and making it easier to tap insurance and costs.

Now that the government has given its full support to teleconsultation, you should try it too!