Being a teenager comes with a fair share of maturing and dis-functioning.  A few years of utter confusion, much-excited phase with a certain amount of turbulence which shakes their confidence, physical appearance and emotional imbalance. The young and energetic mind wanted to conquer the world and impress the universe. Unfortunately, channelizing their energy and processing their thoughts and actions becomes more challenging for them and require insights on understanding their ups and downs. 

Early teens are the stage of puberty where their minds are exposed to new things, especially girls, as scientifically proven that they mature faster than boys. In the mid-teens ie. 14-18 years is where they face rare circumstances of uncontrollable-temper, misguided assumptions, an rebellion. Also stuff like infatuation, love, heartbreaks, peer pressure, etc. They think they have it all figured out and they feel that they’re mature at that stage, but when they start growing even- in yearly gaps they understand what is wrong and what is right, it is inbuilt to wind back into the right shell, and they should be left to aspire with given values and morals. This age, they tend to think they have to stay relevant and try to do things to fit in with their peers. It can start from having an accessory that everyone has to have treacherous plans like bullying, drugs, etc. Some teens may possess the quality of will-power, while some may not, and end up in a bad place. 

Teenage is a mixture of pros and cons. It feels like a tornado of emotions and expectations. Nobody’s teenage is guaranteed to be all blooming roses. A common factor about 60% of teens faces depression and which can root from anything; a childhood trauma, an absurd experience, loneliness, heartbreaks, loss of loved ones, educational pressure etc. About 20% of teens this generation are suicidal and feel the urge to hurt themselves in order to avoid pain. They fall weak and fail to understand the holes and pits of life before they reach the mountain. Teenage is basically a child nurturing into an adult, facing their first tasks of decision making and interests. 

Physically present and technologically connected">
Physically present and technologically connected

In the 21st century, Technologies have played a big role in developing the world, but also creating destruction at the same time. Teens often get so involved with the social profile life and forget to embrace reality. Though social media can be used in the most constructive way, with a wrong move- it can destroy their lives as well. The world is full of predators. Cases of online bullying, sexual assaults, blackmailing is on an increasing scale. Teenage for half of the population can be a task, and a half it may be sorted. There are teens trying to explore their interests to build a future while some are having the battle of accepting their sexuality and anxiety of coming out of the closet in un-evolved, and non-supportive societies. 

Slipping into depression and addicted to technology has got a huge impact on their future life and mental well - being. Being aware of self and taking supportive measures to ensure a teenage is gracefully handled and nurture it with healthy thoughts and actions to evolve as a better human being.