After science v/s religion, it is technology v/s nature. Of course, advanced technology is a result of science.

Yes, science has truly given us many benefits .But, are these benefits a threat to our survival now?

In the recent two decades, hasn’t everything taken a drastic change?Transformation has taken place from advanced technology to a totally new standard of living to every one’s priorities.

Earlier kids used to play outdoor games; today they play games on electronic devices. Due to which they miss the best way of exercising, face health problems like headache, hearing aid, slow mental growth etc. and the worst part is that they aren’t privileged enough to experience such fun.

Also, nowadays serials and cartoons that are shown on television are not only violent but also vulgar.

Not everything can be suitable for all the age groups. Watching adult stuff might divert the mind of children in an unexpected direction. They might probably act bossy which might be harmful for people around them.

Now, these electronic gadgets emit rays which could be dangerous for every person out there.This transformation has actually done the worst thing possible. That is, it has completely taken us away from nature. It has actually ruined the peace of mind a person should actually have.

Why are our grandparents and parents still so fit to do almost everything and why does our generation have a comparatively lazy or laid back attitude?

Isn’t it because of this big time revolution!

Be it the concrete buildings, or the roads, for which so many rocks are being destroyed all of it has simply spoiled what we actually deserve to have.

Lines well said, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”

The brighter it seems, the darker it is.It’s never too late to value the beauty of what we still have.