Doctor every winter I suffer from this problem, My fingers turn blue when exposed to cold and it pains alot and afterwards when I put them in hot water or blanket I feel relief. Sometimes I find cuts on the sides of the fingers and they make it even more difficult for me to work.Am having difficulties daily Doctor.Please help me.

If this is the problem you too are facing, than you are suffering from RAYNAUD'S PHENOMENON.

And not to worry, this means that your body is actually working like it's suppose to work.

Basically, When you are exposed to cold air, the blood vessels of the exposed part are constricted, which in turn make the blood supply to the affected area to decrease.What it does in turn is give the classical appearance ie. PALE appearance of the affected part, generally the fingers, toes or ear-lobes.

You can see the distinguised and marked Paleness of the end of the fingers.

With the Blood supply decreased in the area, oxygen supply in the affected part decreases and in turn makes the affected part BLUE. With chronic exposure to the cold, there can be swelling, pain, ulcers and even Gangerene of the affected part.

Clearly visible Blueness of the fingers.

After all the problem because of exposure to the cold comes the state of recovery ie. when blood supply returns to normal and the oxygen suppy also being restored.Person may feel bit discomfort in this stage as well with the most common symptom being Itching and pain of the afected area and in recurrent episodes eczema as well.


Best way to avoid Raynaud's Phenomenon, BE LAZY AND DON'T GO OUT IN WINTER.

It's true, no exposure to cold and staying in quilt will help you the most.

Those who donot have that luxury,Well, Keep yourself covered and avoid unwanted exposure to the cold.

Avoid SMOKING (I know you must be saying, here comes the Doctor talk about smoking but it's true and am a doctor, so what else you expect from me?).

REGULAR EXERCISE will always keep your blood circulation pumped up and in turn help you to fight this problem.

Stay positive and happy beacause this problem is governed by our nervous system so it's good to avoid emotional triggers as well.

If you are doing everything and still facing this problem, RELOCATE, and no am not joking, going to a warmer area can make your life easy (ps- Let me know the place you would prefer if you relocate so I can suggest few to my patients as well).

As simple as "RAYNAUD'S PHENOMENON" may sound like, it has its own set of problems ranging from simple ECZEMA TO Major GANGRENE.


The part of article I like the most, Homoeopathy.
Homoepathy has great number of medicines for Raynaud's phenomenon and in major repertories it can be found under the heading "CHILBLAINS".

Medicines like- Abrotanum, Arsenic, Agaricus, Cantharis, Muratic Acid, Nitric Acid, Petroleum, Plusatilla, Rhus Tox., Terebinthina to name a few work very well.

Each medicine is special and has their own peculiar properties.

Go for a proper homoeopathic treatment (I would prefer our centre ie. Hahnemann Homoeo Clinic to be quite frank).

Jokes apart(Altough I was not joking),Avoid self medication and homoeopathic patents.

Also, Avoid homoeopathic Doctors who prescribe patents for this are not how homoeopathy works.

Take care,

Spread love and joy.

Dr. Avi Sharma