Your Daily Dose of Weight loss, Immunity, and Digestion if you Drink it Right

In the majority of Indian households, a usual day begins with a cup of hot tea. Tea helps you to rejuvenate and makes your day easier to start with a spark. However, tea is just more than a wake-up call that is well known for several centuries.

Avni says tea is known to fight health issues such as a common cold and cough, morning sickness, and even weight loss. And one wonderful variety of tea is the Kashmiri Kahwa. The Kashmiri Kahwa is an aromatic green tea that originated somewhere in the 2nd century and has been a staple beverage in the countries of Afghanistan, Central Asia, and Kashmir.

It is a blend of green tea leaves, cinnamon, saffron, cardamom pods, star anise, cloves, dry fruits such as almonds, walnuts, cherries, and Kashmiri roses. Traditionally, it is prepared inside a brass kettle called Samovar. But in present days it is made in regular vessels too. There are around 36 varieties of Kahwa available across the world.

Certain variations also use only the herbal ingredients leaving out the green tea leaves. It has a sweet taste besides has numerous health benefits.

India’s top dietician, Avni Kaul,  tells about the health benefits of a cup of Kashmiri Kahwa Chai if it is consumed in the right manner.

Boosts digestion and metabolism

This herbal drink is known to help indigestion. One cup of Kahwa cleanses the digestive tract and helps it in working smoothly. It also increases the metabolism of the body. The Kashmiri cuisine is rich and a combination of several flavours and ingredients. Thus, the main motive of Kahwa is to help digest the heavy meal. It works well, particularly in winters and eases digestive issues such as constipation and inflammation in the digestive tract. Drinking a cup of Kahwa in the morning helps stimulate the digestive system.

Stress relieving

The Kahwa is rich in anti-oxidants which act directly on the liver to improve the purification of the body toxins. It helps in removing free radicals and impurities formed in the liver during detoxification. A cup of kahwa at night help in decreasing issues such as insomnia, anxiety, etc. It stimulates chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins which help in relaxing the mind thus relieving it from anxiety, and making it calm.

Assists in weight loss

One of the top benefits of this aromatic beverage is that it helps in burning fats.  It averts cholesterol deposition in blood vessels and lowers the risk of heart disease. The cinnamon used in the Kahwa suppresses appetite, regulates levels of blood sugar, and decreases cholesterol. The polyphenols present in this tea are helpful in boosting the levels of fat oxidation as well as the pace at which the body turns food into calories.

Forms and defends the immune system

Saffron is one major component of the Kashmiri Kahwa. Saffron is very rich in vitamin B12 which is important for forming the immunity of our body. Multiple antioxidants available in Kahwa help counter infections, particularly in winters. It works as a natural remedy against flu, cough, cold, and congestion. This beverage also acts along the blood vessels of the heart, helping it keep relaxed and managing blood circulation.

Increases energy

This drink may not have milk, yet it works as an energy booster. The blend of several energy-giving ingredients such as dry fruits, and antioxidants recharge your system when you feel lethargic. Having a cup post-workout could ease muscular pain and relax a tired body.

Good for maintaining healthy skin

Kahwa’s richness helps in decreasing skin-related issues such as acne, redness, and dryness. The essential oils obtained from almonds and walnuts help in moisturizing from deep within while maintaining the natural glow of the skin. Theanine, an amino acid present in it help to keep the skin clear, and supple and provides a youthful look. While the added rose helps in maintaining the pH balance of the skin.

Yes, drinking Kashmiri Kahwa Chai has several health benefits. However, with every good thing, having it in moderation is the key.