Hair fall is a major problem for most of the women/girls now a days. Hair fall is a symptom which your body is showing you that is lacks some nutrients. Hair fall can be due to several reasons like PCOS, chronic conditions like fever, malnourishment or cancer. If you are facing hair fall issue for a long time check for biotin, zinc, iron and folate levels. Hair fall is something to be treated both externally and internally. 50 -100 strands per day of hair fall is common, but if you are having more than it, consume these 5 super foods and feel the difference.

1. Flaxseed - Rich in omega 3 fatty acids and helps in regeneration of hair. One tsp per day makes a significant change in your hair growth.

2. Egg - Good source of biotin and protein and helps in hair growth.

3. Amla - It is rich in Vitamin C which helps in absorption of iron and therefore helps in improving hair growth.

4. Walnuts - Being a good source of protein and good fat, it also has folate content to help in hair growth. Eat 2-3 soaked walnuts everyday for best results.

5. Sweet potato - Good source of biotin and so helps in boosting hair growth.

Hair fall reduction is effective when some external home remedies are done.

Scalp massage with almond oil or virgin coconut oil at least twice a week helps in reducing hair fall. Rinse it off with SLES snd Sulfate free shampoo. Also check for dandruff as it can also be a hurdle for hair growth. Reduce your hair treatment like smoothening, hair-straightening and colouring to see better results.

Try out these super foods and get benefited with its nourishment.