Before starting any yoga asanas sukshama vyayama should be practised to make your body flexible and free.Sukshama vyayama should be practised from toe to head.The medical concept behind this is energy goes up which boosts your stamina step by step from toe to head . By the time you finish you exercises reaching the head you feel full of energy and refreshed.TOE SUKSHAMA VYAYAMASToe Rotation: Rotate your toe clockwise as well as anticlockwise from both the legs one by one.Precautions: Those suffering from knee pain should avoid toe rotation.Those who had recent knee injury or surgery in the knees and toe should avoid toe rotation.Benefits: This vyayama makes toe flexible and strong.This vyayama cures varicose veins.This vyayama strengthens toe to knees to get rid of joint pains.This vyayama stops blood circulation while performing it. Once you finish performing blood circulates rapidly helping in keeping joints strong.Note: Every sukshama vyayama from head to toe stops blood circulation while performing once you finish performing blood circulation flows rapidly curing different medical problems as per the condition which I will explain in deep further.Toe Raising: Raise your toe's up and down with both the legs joined together.Perform toe raising by stretching right leg forward and left leg backward.raise the toe's as per capacity with both the legs.Then bring left leg forward and right leg backward .repeat the same vyayama with left leg.Precautions: Avoid knee bending while practicing this vyayama.Keep spine and neck straight while practicing this vyayama as it will increase cervical and back pain if bent. Benefits: This vyayama stretches the legs making them flexible.This vyayama is effective to cure arthritis, knee pain,varicose veins and toe pain.Thus vyayama cures pain caused due to chikangunia on the legs helping to walk properly and sit on the ground as it stretches the legs  till maximum.This vyayama reduces thigh and hips fat and gives them a beautiful shape.This vyayama cures hip pain as legs are stretched till maximum.Note: The same concept of blood circulation follows here mentioned above.