The most fashion statement used by kids to elders is “I am Stressed, Anxious and Depressed” (SAD). We feel absolute normal when someone utter those words. Its gives us some kind of satisfaction that I am not the only one who is stressed out in life.

A reasonable amount of stress is good to accept. It gives us excitement and interest about the new things or projects. Such stressors are positive and called as Eu-stress. When we struggle to accept stress it becomes so painful and reduces our performance and productivity. Such stressors are negative and called as Distress.

For instance, presently the buzz is about public exams. Right from principals, teachers, students, parents, siblings and friends are stressed about the exam results. Ideally, they have to be concerned about the process in the initial phase and performance in the final phase, ie. during the exams. The results are the outcome of process and performance. In such scenario, the choice is completely in their hands. Either to be stressed out or stress free. 

When we start enjoying the process we tend to enjoy bits and pieces of everything we do.The outcome doesn’t matter as we are focused on creativity and improvements than results. Eventually, results become just numbers not the final destination to achieve one’s goal.

Unfortunately, we have been taught to think and see any unpleasant incidents, unfavorable situations or people and unexpected delay in the process are stressful events in life. We failed to realize those incidents are teaching us some values in life and inculcating certain skills to develop ourselves.

Its in one’s perspective to realize that the universe gives us many opportunities to encash on so called stressful events. We would be able to see it only if we are open for challenges such as Honesty, Adventurous, Passion, Persistence and Happy. 

Stressors are good. Stressed spelled backward is Desserts. Make your choice!