PPI group of medicines are sold over the counter like sweets, people are taking it without realising the long term ill effects like liver & kidney failure and Dementia. Just about 20 years ago, as a routine some digestive enzymes like Unizyme, Aristozyme etc. were prescribed but these days, even people on antibiotics are given some PPI to avoid acidity ( may be few people have good digestion and they do not get acidity as a side effect, why burden their system with more medicines, besides emptying their wallets) Some of the routine names of PPI are Zenetec, Ranitidine, Pantaparazole etc. 

Rely more on home remedies and try to correct acidity symptoms through diet. Curd & Diluted toned milk are good ant-acids which give proteins and vitamins too.

Everyone is oriented with their system, one should eat according to own Constitution.

With age even our food pipe slows down but eating habits remain same. Do indulge occasionally but do not overburden the food pipe. Do Not Compare with others. Sprouts is a healthy food but does not suit everyone, same is true about Papaya , it helps ward off constipation but it can work otherwise too by loading the already full food pipe. Prevention of acidity should be the mantra.

Benefits of Saunf ( fennel):

  1. Easily available, not a costly item.
  2. Chewing fennel seeds after meals facilitates digestion.
  3. It is carminative, anti-inflammatory & anti-flatulent.
  4. It is a laxative also but works best in a ground form.
  5. Drink tea made to suit the taste but do add ground fennel to water while it is boiling.
  6. It is a source of fiber and helps heart patients & others with bad cholesterol on a higher side as it works like cotton and absorbs bad fats from the food pipe itself, it does not allow bad fats to reach blood.
  7. It is a rich source of Potassium, another reason for being heart friendly.
  8. It has Vitamin C that works on our immune system.
  9. It helps premenstrual tension and takes care of cramps associated with it.
  10. It is a condiment that not only helps the digestive system but helps the entire body including skin and hair, being a rich source of iron, zinc, selenium, calcium besides giving vitamin C.
  11. No side effects are reported unless one takes in large amounts (rarely though), one can have palpitations & breathing problems & it may be neuro toxic.