It is next to impossible for the present human population to stay at home all day long, for long. Our lives have become so fast paced, that even a couple hours of being idle can make us irritated and frustrated. We are not used to spending so much time with our family or with ourselves.  

We cannot afford any rifts in our relationships at home either. This will make this lockdown even more difficult. So, during this quarantine, how do we achieve this impossible task of maintaining a balance in our lives?  

Surviving the lockdown 

Let us look at some things we can do while under the lockdown to manage it better and reduce the tension and stress it may be causing us: 

1. Maintain a daily SCHEDULE: All-nighters are amazing once in a while but try not to make that a routine during this time. This will not only affect your health adversely but also you wouldn’t want this to cause you trouble once the lockdown is over.

2.  This may be your chance to EAT HEALTHY. With everything shut down, home is your only go to for food. For all the people distracted by the temptation of junk, this could be your time to rise and shine. Eating nutritious food will not only keep you healthy physically, it will boost immunity and also help you regulate your mood.

3. Explore and re-explore your HOBBIES. Remember the time painting, reading, drawing, sketching, origami or dancing used to be fun? Let’s get back to that for a while, shall we? You don’t have to excel in your hobbies, you just have to find fun and happiness in them. 

4. Include one RELAXATION exercise in your daily routine. Find what relaxes you (that can be achieved at home) and indulge yourself in that activity for a few minutes every day. A relaxation of your choice – such as Yoga, meditation, prayer or music. This will help you relieve the stress and be calmer throughout the day. 

5. Use your GADGETS. Sticking to them for all your waking hours is not advisable but use them efficiently. Watch that movie you had been trying to find the time for, or call the friend you think is always busy. 

6. The lockdown can be advantageous to become INDEPENDENT. Now that you spend all your time at home, you can do your household chores by yourself. By doing this you will utilize some time from your day, the work will get done and also you will learn the skills (if you don’t already have the skill). 

7. Find a place for YOURSELF in the house. Not all of us can be surrounded by people, even if it’s our family, all the time. Take the time you need to be with yourself.  

This time could be stressful, for you and your family. Take time to talk it out and maybe have some fun at home. 

Remember, this too shall pass.