"There is in every true woman’s heart, A spark of heavenly fire,Which lies dormant in the light of prosperity,But which kindles up and beams & blazes in the dark hour ofadversity".Such is the strength of a woman-adaughter, mother and friend.  And it’s notjust the Woman’s day, but every day & every stage of a woman’s life thatshould be celebrated and taken care of.Right from the day a daughter makesyou smile with the first curve of her lips, she seeks that warmth andcare.  At this stage she needs thenourishment as her male counterparts. As she grows, her requirements alsoincrease as she is to be prepared for bearing the burden of bringing new life into this world.Adolescence is the stage wheremost of the physical changes take place. A diet rich in calcium & vitamins is the need of the hour as the skeletal maturity is achieved at this very stage,i.e. the last stage of pubertal development.  Bone density is increased by including calciumrich foods in the diet like milk and its products, green leafy vegetables,eggs, etc., whereas, soft drink consumption should be restricted  as it hampers the absorption of calcium.Anemia is the most common concern among adolescent girls, irrespective of thesocio-economic background. Hence, foods rich in in iron & folic acid shouldbe included in the diet.Expecting mother also requiresadequate nutrition, not only for her own self but for the proper acids shouldalways be a part of the diet. Nothing replaces a well-balanced plate, as allthese nutrients are required for the fetal development in respect to musclemass as well as bone health of the child and stable health of the mother in thepregnancy & post pregnancy stages. Lactation is an equally demandingperiod as the nutritional link between the mother and the baby continues even afterbirth. The existence of the newborn depends, for some period, on the breastfeed. A diet rich in energy, protein, fats, calcium, vitamins A, B, C and zinc isthe need of the hour along with a lot of fluids. A stress-free environmentshould be encouraged and allergy and excessive medication avoided as all thesehave a direct influence on the baby. Menopause and osteoporosis gohand in hand. Neurological dysfunction, anemia, malnutrition, constipation, lowimmunity, degenerative diseases are quite common problems of this stage.  Diet and lifestyle has a significantinfluence on this stage. Soy products for hormonal balance, vitamin D &calcium rich foods for bone health, nuts & seeds for zinc, copper &selenium, lots of fruits and vegetables should constitute a menopausal woman’sdiet.So, keeping a check on diet and aproper exercise regime during these changing phases of a woman’s life make themsmooth and more enjoyable.  A stress-freeenvironment and a positive attitude adds life to your years.G