Today, soy has become the center of a lot of attention. Compounds found in soy not only reduces the risk of some disease but also help during the symptoms of menopause. Doctors found that when animal protein coming from meat was replaced by plant protein soybean there was a significant reduction in cholesterol levels of the patients who were having elevated cholesterol levels. 

Researchers discovered protein from soybean contains a unique amino acid composition, which seems to produce the cholesterol lowering effect.


  • SOY FLOUR: Soy flour is made from roasted soybeans that are ground into fine powder. Soy flour is gluten free. so,yeast-raised breads made with soy flour are more dense in texture.
  • SOY GRANULES: Soy granules are similar to soy flour, except that the soybeans have been toasted and cracked into coarse pieces rather than the fine powder soy flour. Soy chunks can be used as a substitute for flour in some recipes. Soy chunks can be cooked together with other grains also.
  • SOY SAUCE: This is a dark brown liquid made from soybeans that have undergone a fermenting process. soy sauce have salty taste and it is extensively used in Chinese cuisine.
  • SOY YOGURT: It is made from soy milk.. It's creamy texture makes it an easy substitute for sour cream. soy yogurt can be found in variety of flavors.
  • SOY MILK: Soy milk is made up of soybean only. It is a good substitute for cow's milk. Plain fortified soy milk is an excellent source of high protein and B-vitamins.
  •  SOY NUTS: Roasted soy nuts are whole soybeans that have been soaked in water and then they are baked. Plain soy nuts are high in protein and isoflavons. 
  • SOY OIL AND PRODUCTS: Soy oil is the natural oil extracted from whole soybeans. Soy oil is high in poly-unsaturated fat.
  • TOFU AND TOFU PRODUCTS: Tofu is made up of soybean. It is a soft cheese like product made by curdling fresh, hot soy milk with a coagulant. It is rich in high quality protein and B-vitamin and also it is low in sodium. 

A good diet can also be interesting and tasty one, provided one can be creative about putting it together. Imaginative experimentation with various food combinations and learning the art of calorie balancing could work wonders with one's fitness and health.


  • vegetable and tofu salad
  • soy pulao
  • vegetable soy cheela
  • Home made soy and veggie roll
  • fruit shake with soy milk
  • vegetable and tofu sandwich
  • Nutrella matar with chapati

Consult an experienced dietitian for a healthy and balanced diet plan.

Enjoy journey to health..!!