It is believed that Acne or acne, usually occur in teenage but the fact is, it can occur up to 30 to 35 years of age. Hormonal changes, unhealthy lifestyle and bad eating habits play a huge part in the occurrence of Acne. 

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What are the reasons behind Acne?

Genetic reasons: Those who have problems with their Acne, they are more likely to have this problem.

Pollution: Dust, smoke, and pollution can close out the pores in the skin. This can cause problems for Acne.

Certain Foods and Drinks: Eating oily, fatty and junk food, increases oil in the skin and can cause acne.

Make-up: Wearing heavy make-up for long periods of time can cause closed skin pores which can lead to Acne.

Skin Type: People who have more oily skin are more likely to have Acne, as compared to others.

Medicines: Various medications for health problems such as hormonal imbalance, depression, can cause Acne due to side effects.

Scrub: Rubbing the scrub for a long time on the face can be a cause of acne. Even if you do not use good quality soap that can also be a reason for Acne.

Periods: Hormonal changes come in girls before and during periods can also cause Acne.

Lifestyle: Smoking cigarettes, no physical exercise, not drinking enough water and not washing off the dirt and oils from the face are some lifestyle errors that increase the chance of acne.

Mobile: Mobile phones are one of the dirtiest things in our life with hundreds of bacteria's residing there. Due to the accumulated oil and dirt on the mobile, there may be Acne on one side of the face.

Touch: Repeated touching or pressing or removal of Acne may increase the problem.

Constipation: The absence of the stomach, the problem of constipation can increase the Acne problem.

Stress: Due to stress, the balance of the hormones is worsened in the body. This can increase the Acne.

Fairness Creams: Chemicals available in the market, many fairness creams, can increase the problem of Acne. 

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